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PostgreSQL Database/API

For this project, I have set up an API (Application-Programming-Interface and its purpose is to mimic the transfer of information from the back-end (database) of a web service, to the front-end (user interface). I have used MVC principles to facilitate the handling of information and to isolate queries and endpoints. There is both a test and development database, and the purpose of the text files is to ensure the functionality Read More


Routing and Navigation Template App, created using react-native.  This project is a community effort that I contributed to recently. contributing to this project has helped me to learn how to create ahigh-performing dynamic mobile app, and also how to work with other developers. View Live

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Now that Covid restrictions are easing, you might have your sights set onsome travel this year. But it won’t be business as usual. Co-Roamer is a mobile app that displays entry requirements and restrictions,to travellers from the UK to Europe. Overall, I’m proud of this project, and the team that built it. I hope thatit showcases to you the skills that we have learned during our coding journey. I am Read More